Ref. No. 345

Edward Butler of
Tutbury (Staffs.)

circa 1780

Price: £2,650

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An attractive pale mahogany clock, the case shows many features typical of its location and period.

It has an "ogee" shape to the trunk door top, quarter-reeded columns to the trunk, canted corners to the base and blocks to the rear of the swan-necks on the hood's top. The painted dial has delicate Roman numerals, cut steel hands and a rotating moonphase disc behind painted globes to the arch. Another Northern feature is the pair of birds painted to the dial's centre. The dial corners have a restrained gilt design.

Ref. No. 426

Paton of London

circa 1860

Price: £2,650

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A very good oak-framed striking wall clock by a London maker.

The case is of exuberantly-carved English oak. Unusually for an antique wall clock the movement is of twin-fusee striking design with the hours sounded on a large bell.

Ref. No. 309

Thomas Andrews of

circa 1775

Price: £3,750

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An extremely rare type of longcase clock with a true enamel dial decorated in characteristic pink colour and housed in a good, heavy, carved oak case

The well-painted dial is supported on a cast brass frame. The heavy oak case has typically Northern carving of high quality. The clock will be accompanied by a slim booklet called "Faces of Mystery", which describes these rare clocks.

Ref. No. 144

William Moon of London

circa 1770

Price: £12,250

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A rare and perfectly-proportioned London longcase clock.

The mahogany case has all the features associated with top-quality examples of the period: the shaped panel applied to the base the base's double plinth, the "pagoda" top to the hood, the brass-stopped fluted columns to the trunk sides as well as to the hood, the brass fish-scale sound frets to the sides of the hood. It is fitted with an eight-day movement with, most unusually for a London longcase, a rotating moonphase disc to the arch.

Ref. No. 432

John Aylward of Guildford

circa 1705

Price: £19,500

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An elegant early 18th century longcase clock in an arabesque marquetry case and the interesting movement with maintaining power.

This clock was made during the age of extreme elegance of furniture design and is in a splendid marquetry case which is very largely original. It has two small "chimney" pieces which I believe these to be later. The dial is also fully latched to the front plate. The chapter ring is signed "Jno Aylward de Guilford".

Ref. No. 265

John Seddon of Frodsham

circa 1740

Price: £21,000

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An extremely rare moonphase longcase with a "Grande Sonnerie" striking system on seven bells.

A product of John Seddon of Frodsham, an illustrious maker famed for his unusual and complicated clocks. Also fitted with black velvet backing to the dials, an exotic and exceptional treatment which would make this clock stand out in any collection.