425 Ellicott Longcase Hood

Ref. No. 425


John Ellicott of London


circa 1760




7' 7" (231cm)

Dial Style

Brass arched



Price: SOLD

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A very good London mahogany longcase of the mid 18th century, with an 8-day movement quarter-chiming on a nest of eight bells.

The triple set of brass stop-fluted columns to the case is encountered on some 3-train longcases and has an impressive visual effect. Taking this feature together with the high-quality "flame" mahogany used for the trunk door, it is obvious that no expense was spared when making this case. The dial centre is matted and there’s a Strike/Silent lever in the arch to silence the striking at will.

John Ellicott was born in 1706 and worked until 1772; he took his son Edward into partnership c1760 after which date their clocks were signed simply "Ellicott" without a given name preceding it. This is one of those and was made in the 1760s decade. John was an eminent clockmaker who developed the cylinder escapement and invented a compensated pendulum. He was clockmaker to the King and a Fellow of the Royal Society, where he was also a Council member. Many of his fine clocks still stand in public buildings and museums.

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