409 Avery Longcase Hood

409 Avery Longcase Side

409 Avery Longcase Detail

Ref. No. 409


Amos Avery of London


circa 1765


Flame mahogany


8' 4½" (255cm)

Dial Style

Arched brass with moonphase


Eight-day with
quarter chiming

Price: SOLD

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This type of clock was the best you could buy in the latter portion of the 18th century and remains grand and impressive to this day.

The beautiful flame mahogany case stands nearly 8' 5" (255cm) tall including the brass finials and makes an impressive statement second to none. This was not a clock for the everyday man; this was always destined for a wealthy family in a great house. Its proportions are just right, and the colour of the wood is superb. It is every inch the perfect London clock of the period, with brass-inlaid fluted columns to the hood and trunk, a raised panel to the base, and a double plinth. The case design is completed by having an arch to the top of the trunk door, mirroring that of the dial, and having cloth-backed brass fish-scale sound frets to the sides of the hood. The brass dial is of the arched type with a rotating moonphase disc in the arch which indicates the moon's age by means of a pointer. The silvered chapter ring encircles a matted area containing the three winding holes, a date indicator, an arched plaque showing the maker's name and a very attractive recessed seconds dial with a scalloped edge. Behind the dial, the 8-day movement has three "trains", or sets of gears: one for showing the time itself, the second to strike the hours, and the third to announce each quarter of the hour on a tuned set of six tiny bells. The driving weights are, as to be expected, brass-cased, as were those of the best London clocks of the time.

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