316 Crawshaw Longcase Hood

316 Crawshaw Longcase Detail

Ref. No. 316


Andrew Crawshaw of
Rotherham (Yorks.)


circa 1820




7' 2" (215cm)

Dial Style

Circular silvered brass


One year

Price: SOLD

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A very rare year-going clock in a well-made mahogany case.

The very substantial superbly-made movement has twin winding squares but does not strike; each barrel supports a heavy weight and the greatwheels act together onto a single shaft to drive the six-wheel movement. Each greatwheel is fitted with two ratchets to spread the load and minimise the chance of the huge weights slipping. Interestingly, the clock is fitted with deadbeat escapement and a large blued centre-seconds hand, easily observed against the one-piece silvered dial. The pendulum has a massive bob and a complicated regulating nut in a brass cage, all on a minimum-expansion wooden rod. Please note that the two 60-pound weights were made here as the originals were missing.

Andrew Crawshaw was born in 1779, married in 1800 and had died by 1844. He worked in Rotherham's High Street and made the full range of clock durations; Apart from this mahogany-cased example I have seen one other year-going clock by him and a thirty hour example.

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