262 Robins Longcase Hood

262 Robins Longcase Detail

Ref. No. 262


Fabian Robins of London.


circa 1705




7' 2" (215cm)

Dial Style

Square brass with alarm




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An ebonised longcase from the very earliest years of the 18th Century.

The dark surface has no decoration except the gilded rim of the door’s lenticle and the similarly-gilded caps to the hood columns. Early dial spandrels of the “two-cherub-and-crown” type adorn the dial’s corners.

The good-quality 5-pillar movement has an alarm mechanism fitted, all the components of which are original except the small weight which powers the alarm. Alarms were far more often fitted to bracket clocks; it is a real rarity to find one on a longcase and even more unusual to find it has, over the years, not been removed.

Little seems to be known about Fabian Robins; he was working in London in the late 17th century and the very early 18th century, although he does not appear in the Clockmakers' Company records. I have had two longcase clocks by him, both with alarm features.

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