238 Ivory Longcase Hood

Ref. No. 238


James Ivory of London.


circa 1750




7' 7" (228cm)

Dial Style

Brass, arched



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A very superior quality mahogany clock of fairly dark colour, made in London in the mid-18th Century.

James Ivory was born in Edinburgh in 1729, worked for a while in London where he married in 1761. In 1762 he returned to Scotland to work in Dundee, where he lived until 1793.

This clock shows all the London touches of design: brass-stopped fluted columns to the trunk and the hood, double plinth and shaped panel to the base, the arch top of the trunk door reflects the shape of the dial, and the pagoda hood. The hood's side windows afford a view of the good quality 5-pillar movement. The seconds' dial is a disc recessed into a scalloped aperture, which is always a pleasing design, and the arch is occupied by a Strike/Silent lever and ring

Good clocks such as this are known by Ivory originating from both London and Dundee. This type of clock was the best that money could buy in London at the time, and with its elegant proportions and superb colour it retains that desirability today.

238 Ivory Longcase Full