Repairs and Restoration

Fully Restored Antique Clocks

When these wonderful old clocks were built their makers expected them to last for decades without needing attention other than routine lubrication and cleaning. However, clock movements contain many working parts which are subject to wear over the centuries and inevitably need repairing. Clocks will occasionally need to be fully dismantled, their working parts examined, cleaned, repaired if necessary and carefully reassembled.

'Originality' is especially important in clocks. A proper restoration will seek to retain as much of the original craftsman's work as possible, for example repairing only the single broken tooth on a wheel rather than replacing the whole wheel. All my mechanical restoration work is done here in my own workshop and is done with sympathy for the correctness of the repairs. The work is detailed and meticulous. My objective is to make sure clients may rely absolutely on their purchases.

Aspects of restoration such as dial painting or cabinetmaking require their own specialist craftsmen. I therefore employ the skills of experts in these fields to ensure that any clock which passes through my hands is restored to a high standard.

Repairs and Restoration for your own clock

I also repair and restore clients' own clocks, specialising in English longcase and bracket clocks. Clients have brought a selection of clocks to me for restoration ranging from thirty-hour cottage clocks to the grandest 12-tune musical examples. Let's not forget the occasional clock which has had an unfortunate accident involving broken glass, smashed wood, bent dial or mechanical parts. Estimates can be given beforehand, and a firm quote can be given after detailed examination. I am able to collect and deliver from clients' own homes. Calling to view clocks or to give valuations does involve a small charge based on the time taken.

Clock-finding service

I undertake a search service for clients who are looking for clocks by particular makers. This has proved very popular, and such "found" clocks are in homes throughout Britain and in Europe. Please contact me for details. This service can extend to searching for particular types of clock as well. If you see a style you would like, provide me with details and I will try to find a similar one for you.