Clock Books For Sale

Anyone who has been involved with an activity or hobby for over thirty years inevitably acquires a lot of information about it. The clock world is no exception. Over the years I have amassed a library of horological books and now need to dispose of some which are duplicates and some which I simply no longer require. On this page of the site you'll find a list of my spare books sorted alphabetically by the authors' surnames, together with a little information about each, such as the date of publication (if known) and a précis of their contents. I think you'll find the prices reasonable too; they are rather lower than those asked by a certain well-known horological book dealer. But like everyone, I have to ask postage as well, and it will be charged at cost as I don't plan to make anything on that. Even the packing is free: you pay only for the book and postage itself.

Some of these books have been used, but none is in poor condition and many appear untouched. I bought some as "job lots" from auctions and removed those I wanted; the remainder are to be found here, and some have come from other clock enthusiasts' libraries and may still be wrapped in the clear plastic used by whoever supplied them. One or two are genuinely unopened (several copies of Dr. Severs' books on Northallerton makers, for instance, except for my opening the very front page to see the serial number of the book.)

If you don't see a book you want, please contact me. I may be able to get one for you. For instance, there's no copy on here of George White's comprehensive and sought-after lantern clock book. These sell for figures between £295 and £500 but I occasionally acquire one so do please ask.

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