About Craig Barfoot
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Specialist in Longcase Clocks

I am a specialist dealer exclusively in longcase clocks, wall clocks and bracket clocks of the 17th to 19th centuries, buying and selling across the UK and internationally. My background is in engineering industry and I have a passion with these types of clock as their mechanical design features are so varied and intriguing. My curiosity translates to a desire to see them running again as their makers intended.

Back in 1981 I bought my first antique clock, a little American shelf clock, at auction. It wasn't in a running state so I set myself the task of repairing it. Over many weeks I discovered professional clock repairers and parts suppliers who would generously share their knowledge and advice. Later, I attended professionally-run specialist clock repair courses to increase my knowledge and skill. Since then, many hundreds of clocks have passed through my hands. When I took early retirement in 1993 I was able to start my clock business full time.

I am very happy for anyone to contact me about clock problems or queries. I am always pleased when a clock finds a home with someone who appreciates it as much as I do.

My Services

My stock of Longcase and Wall clocks is selected to represent excellent examples of their type. Often, repairs will have been necessary, but any restoration carried out by me is done with full regard to conserving originality, which will, in the future, be reflected in the value the clock retains.

I also repair and restore clients' own clocks; should you have a clock which needs attention you will be very welcome to ask for advice and can be assured that your clock will be restored to a high standard at reasonable cost. Please click on the Repair/Restore button to see the details.